Friday, December 07, 2012

Mira Ink's BlogINK Videos

So you may or may not know that the publisher Mira Ink is hosting this competition to find a blogger to blog about books and stuff for them, and they're offering a 12-month paid contract and an iPad/laptop. When I first heard about it I fell off my chair. Srsly. Talk about awesome.

I entered, but of course I didn't become a finalist because, alas, I am a loser, but we don't talk about that. However, some AH-MAZING bloggers I know DID! And one of them is my lovely friend Sophie, who blogs over at So Many Books, So Little Time. She is one of the coolest people I know, and it would be awesome if you could check out her vlog for the second part of the competition:


You guys, today is my birthday. And I would really love if you could watch Sophie's vlog and comment with what you thought and SHARE. Because I will not rest until absolutely everyone knows how cool she is.

Also, because she is so cool, Sophie's giving away a book when she hits 100 Youtube views. Her taste in books is almost as fabulous as she is, so if I was you I would ALREADY BE THERE WATCHING THE HECK OUT OF THAT VIDEO.

You can check out the videos of the other lovely bloggers who made the shortlist too: Jess, Sya, Lucy, and Rosy.

Feel free to comment here about what you think. Thank you c:
*hugs you all*



  1. Thanks, lovely! And have an awesome birthday! :)

  2. Happy birthday! And good luck Sophie!


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