Saturday, October 13, 2012

i need some help

update (14/10 04:50pm) 
i will close the questionnaire when i get to 30, i think. currently at 22. COME ON GUYS. AND THANK YOU  <3 p="p">
update (14/10 12:30am)
i passed 15 responses last night! so that means somebody (or maybe more) will get something :) i shall email y'all in about a week or so.


sorry i haven't blogged forever, but i need some help.

you see, i'm currently doing the extended project qualification at school.

my second draft is due on monday.

and it. is making. me. CRAZY.

(i'm practically piglet with all the worrying i've been doing)

i mean, i chose to write and illustrate a young adult love story. and research is SO FREAKIN' HARD because...nobody cares, lol. my title is "how to create an effective interactive young adult love story" --basically, i have to do loads of research about love stories and their background and what's hot and what's not and i cannot find any actual teenagers for it and it is STRESSING ME OUT LIKE CRAZY.

so if you are 13-18 years old, i would lovelovelove if you could fill out ~*THIS SURVEY~* for me. there's questions about what kind of things you think make a 'good' book and endings and stuff like that.

and pleaseeeeee pass it on. you may not be aged 13-18 yourself, but if you have kids/friends/next door neighbours who are 13-18, they could do it!

i've also asked for your email address because i might need to ask further questions, but of course you don't have to give it if you reaaaaaally don't want to. (just write none)

just in case you're interested, after the research part, i write my actual story. i draw pictures and write letters and press flowers and document it all. everything. it's really complicated and long. at the end, i submit it, i do a presentation about how my experience doing it has been, and then, i get an a-level.

thank you, so much.


p.s. if i get like, 15 responses, i might send you something. like book swag. or a letter, with lots of kisses. it will be something that will make you smile. promise. 


  1. Just filled it out! Those were amazing questions! I think I just might have to make a separate post with my answers in more detail, hehe :D Good luck on your project! I'm glad I could help since I'm still a teenager :D

  2. Answered 'em! I'm really sorry, but my answers are crazily long :S I loved the questions, and THIS SOUNDS LIKE SUCH A FUN THING TO DO WHY DOES MY SCHOOL NOT DO STUFF LIKE THIS ARRRRGGHHHH SO JEALOUS *explodes* Hope it goes well (:

  3. I did it! Hopefully I don't sound too crazy!

    GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PROJECT, GIRL! <3 I hope it turns out fabulous and that you ace your A-levels! :)

  4. I filled it out, although I go a little crazy with forms like that, though I have no idea why!
    Good luck with the project! :D <3

    New follower! Love the blog!


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