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REVIEW: We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han

Title: We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han
Pages: 291
Publisher: Razorbill UK
Publication Date: 3rd May, 2012
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher (for review)

One girl.
Two brothers.
The biggest decision of her life...
Just when she thought she had all the answers...

Isabel has only ever loved two boys, Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher.

One broke her heart; the other made her happier than she ever thought she'd be. But each brother is keeping a secret, and this summer Isabel must choose between the Fisher boys, once and for all. Which brother will it be?

 --Goodreads summary

I've been putting off this review for so long, and I feel terrible about it. Why? Because I love the Summer series. I know a lot of people think it's not good (I don't know why people just tell me how much they hated a book when they know I love it), but I don't care about anybody else, because the summer series to me is a journey. Of so many beautiful, beautiful things.

The final installment of the Jenny Han's Summer trilogy follows Belly and the Fisher boys, Conrad and Jeremiah through another summer of family drama and well, life. There's so many decision to be made, so much planning to do, toying with both our hearts and our minds about what the Right thing is. In the end, what will Belly's choice do to the boy whose heart gets broken?

Reading We'll Always Have Summer felt a bit like reading a Sarah Dessen book, like home. I understand that sounds distustingly cheesy but srsly. It does. And I love that so much. Belly's voice, wow. I am going to miss that girl a ton. And not to mention Cousins Beach, as written by Han who makes everything feel so alive and vibrant.

I think of the three books, We'll Always Have Summer is the one with the most drama. the most OMG-THAT-DIDN'T-JUST-HAPPEN moments. It kept me on the edge of my seat, bracing myself for what could happen next, but still Han managed to catch me completely off guard with her elegant writing. When I finished the novel, my first thought was "I think I'm in love," and immediately after it was followed by this wave of sadness because it's over. Yeah, I am a fan of writing the cheesiest reviews ever. Le sigh.

However, I have to mention a couple of things I wasn't a huge fan of, like the sudden jump into the future. Belly's at university now? It's her freshman year, but still. I loved that she had all these new friends and was happy and stuff with Jeremiah (!) but it just felt a bit wrong to me. The marriage too. Am I too emotionally invested in these books? I think not. The way Belly went from one brother to the other also annoyed me a little. Don't get me wrong, I love Belly, and I know the whole idea is that she will fall in love with one boy and Susanna predicted it and everything, but in some moments I felt like she was playing them and that was not okay.  Despite these things, I don't think the series could have ended in a more perfect way. (Did I contradict myself? I often do that. I DUNNO HOW TO FIX IT I JUST HAVE MIXED FEELINGS OK).

You may know that I don't usually cry at books, and if I do it's the super sad tear-jerkers, and that's not what this is. But I admit, I did. A little. I don't want to give anything away so I'll stop gushing now. If you haven't already started this series, do it.

Also, in my opinion, Belly made the right choice. asfghjl;k,jkm I can't say anymore now.

p.s. Conrad's parts :*(

“We didn’t know what was ahead of us then. We were just two teenagers, looking up at the sky on a cold February night. So no, he didn’t give me flowers or candy. He gave me the moon and the stars. Infinity.” 



  1. I loved this book - it's my favourite of the series, even though, yeah, it went a bit overboard with the drama at times. Conrads parts! Le sigh! Did you know that the US Paperback contains Conrad's letters to Belly as bonus material? Want!!!

  2. I completely agree on the COnrad bits (Team Conrad all the way) and that reading feels like a SD book, home. Really, really nicely put :)


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