Monday, August 13, 2012

REVIEW: Soul Fire by Kate Harrison

Title: Soul Fire by Kate Harrison
Pages: 399
Publisher: Indigo (Imprint of Orion)
Publication Date: 2nd August, 2012
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher (for review)

Welcome to Soul Beach.

People are dying to get here . . .

Alice Forster talks to her dead sister, Meggie, in the virtual world of Soul Beach – an online paradise for the young, the beautiful and the dead – but paradise can be stifling and the Beach’s guests want to move on.

If Alice can solve the mystery of her sister’s murder then Meggie will be free.

But passions are running high, the temperature’s rising and as Alice gets closer to finding the killer, the killer is getting closer to Alice . . .

 --Goodreads summary

I reviewed the first book in this trilogy, SOUL BEACH, a few weeks ago and I got a copy of the sequel, SOUL FIRE just last week. I've been dying to read it, so obviously it was on the top of my TBR pile. As you can tell from my review of SOUL BEACH, I really enjoyed it, but SOUL FIRE really took it to another level. The whole time, there was this edge to the novel that I thought was super cool and creepy.

I've been reading a lot of American YA fiction recently. Actually, nearly everything I read is American, so it was a refreshing change to read some good old UK YA, and boy did it feel good. Brings me back to the old days* when I used to go to the library twice a week and take out everything that had anything to do with mystery slash crime.

The story starts off nearly a year after the death of Alice's sister, Meggie. Alice continues to visit Soul Beach, but fails to see how she's fading away in the real world. It was interesting to see how Alice's parents react once they realise how addicted she is to the internet, taking away her laptop, making it harder for Alice to access Soul Beach and Meggie, obviously not aware of the concept of Soul Beach and that Alice is actually spending time with her dead sister. When an unexpected guest turns up at the online paradise, everything starts falling to pieces as Alice must figure out the connection between the death of this new person, and Meggie's, whilst the killer is getting. Closer.

It is seriously terrifiying stuff.

I loved Alice's determination to find her sister's killer and help others on the beach. Girl has way more guts than anyone I know. The scene where she met a certain "cute waiter" was probably my favourite from the whole book. I think that one part summed up Alice's personality, her courage and dedication.

I'm really confused about who Meggie's murdered is though. There's somebody I was sure it was, but then stuff happened...and now I have another suspicion, but I just cannot decide if it makes sense or not. I am intrigued to see who it turns out to be! Also a bit scared.

If you love Anne Cassidy's books, or even any kind of mystery/thriller novel, you'll love SOUL FIRE. There's something so consuming and dangerous about the will not want to put it down. You and your twists, Kate Harrison! I predict that the final book in the trilogy will be nothing short of heart-stopping.

*like three years ago but who cares really

"I allow myself to fall against the warm cotton of the hammock. It smells of coconuts and the sea."


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