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REVIEW: Endlessly by Kiersten White

Title: Endlessly by Kiersten White
Pages: 389
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
Publication Date: 2nd August, 2012
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher (for review)

Evie's paranormal past keeps coming back to haunt her. A new director at the International Paranormal Containment Agency wants to drag her back to headquarters. The Dark Faerie Queen is torturing humans in her poisonous realm. And supernatural creatures keep insisting that Evie is the only one who can save them from a mysterious, perilous fate.

The clock is ticking on the entire paranormal world. And its fate rests solely in Evie's hands.

So much for normal.

 --Goodreads summary

*may contain spoilers* (sorry, i'm not good at picking out what is and isn't a spoiler lol)

I haven't yet reviewed any of this series yet, but I think I'll have to do that in the future, because these books? Ah-may-zing.

ENDLESSLY has got to be my favourite of the three books.

I loved how much we saw of Reth! When we first met him in PARANORMALCY, I thought he was evil and overconfident and BADBADBAD, but he has really grown on me throughout the trilogy, and his presence in ENDLESSLY was one of my favourite things about the book. I think of all the YA characters I've ever met, Reth has to be the one who has the randomest personality; he's clever, devious and really amusing to read about, but also really sweet and caring, especially towards the end of the book.

Also, Jack! No idea how I feel about him! He was awesome when we first met him, really funny and cute, but then he kept putting Evie in life-threatening situations and left here in the faerie tunnel thing by herself where she could've been LOST FOREVER, and I was pretty sure from then he was supposed to be a Bad Guy, but then Evie forgives him? I didn't get how that happened because sure he's really fun and whatever, but he does seem like...kind of a psychopath. He did get really awesome after Evie forgave him him, can't really forget the fact that he TRIED TO KILL HER. Le sigh.

I love Evie, I really do, but at times in the novel, I thought she was a bit "OH LEND, LEND, MY LOVE" when she was meant to be saving the paranormals and stuff. It made me a bit sad, because I know she can be independent, because before she left IPCA she was all badass on her own, and I didn't want her to turn into the kind of girl who always relies on her boyfriend for everything. I've noticed she does that in SUPERNATURALLY a little too, but here it's just...more. Still. I love you, Evie! Apart from the stuff above, she is really awesome. I am really going to miss her sense of humour. Girl needs to be my BFF because she is fabulous BFF material. I love Lend too. <3 p="p">

They are such an adorable couple, srsly.

The plot was really interesting, because Evie has a challenge to face, and it's not going to be easy, at all. She has to send all of the paranormals back to where they originally came from, and with IPCA (or a certain evil Anne-whatever whatever) doing whatever they can to prevent her from doing that, Evie cannot do it alone. She has Arianna, Lend, Jack, Reth, David and like, a billion others to help, but she even with their help, she still made her own decisions and refused to be told what to do. 

I loved being able to see the faerie's Dark Court (not so much the Dark Queen). It was like...DREAMY. *shiny eyes*

ENDLESSLY was a perfect ending to a really entertaining, sassy series.  This whole trilogy is basically FLUFF to the untrained eye, (GOOD FLUFF, AWESOME FLUFF) (I love fluff), but if you look close enough, the story has a lot of depth if you look BLEEP, MAN. The ending.*tears up* You really should read it. 

I am super mega excited for whatever Kiersten White writes next. I want it. Like her newest book, THE MIND GAMES. Or, SISTER ASSASIN in the UK.

Also, is it me, or does this series kinda remind you of the Iron Fey series? It just does. 

"And the unicorn! I beamed at it, reaching out my hand to stroke it. There was never a creature more beautiful, more majestic. I'd spend the rest of my life out here, and we'd prance around the forest, worship teh sunlight, bathe in the moonlight, and..."


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  1. I LOVE THIS SERIES. although I've never read The Iron Fey series . . .

    also? MIND GAMES sounds so good and I want it now.

    Jack . . . I'm still not keen on, you know? because he was supposed to be the bad guy in Supernaturally, but then she forgave him and he pops back up and I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE. and Reth is . . . creepy. I don't know. I like Lend. :)


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