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REVIEW: Dark Eyes by William Richter

Title: Dark Eyes by William Richter
Pages: 384
Publisher: Puffin
Publication Date: 2nd August, 2012
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher (for review)

Get ready for the vigilante girl detective of the next generation.

Wally was adopted from a Russian orphanage as a child and grew up in a wealthy New York City family. At fifteen, her obsessive need to rebel led her to life on the streets.

Now the sixteen-year-old is beautiful and hardened, and shes just stumbled across the possibility of discovering who she really is. She’ll stop at nothing to find her birth mother before Klesko—her darkeyed father—finds her. Because Klesko will stop at nothing to reclaim the fortune Wally’s mother stole from him long ago. Even if that means murdering his own blood. But Wallys had her own killer training, and she's hungry for justice.

 --Goodreads summary

Is it me, or is that cover AMAZING? Why have pretty girls in pretty dresses on your cover whn you could have THIS? I can practically feel those words slamming into me. And that purple nail polish!!!!

I was first drawn to the book because of Wally's Russian heritage. I don't know a whole lot about Russia, but I've read stuff about the place and apparently the people there are super-awesome (hello, Dimitri Belikov, anyone?!!). The novel starts of when Wally is still a young child in the orphanage, before she is adopted and I was instantly hooked to the story because the setting just felt so warm and comfortable.

Wally was *such* a GREAT HEROINE. She was like, totally badass and tough but still as sweet as sugar deep inside. I loved, loved, loved how Richter wrote her like she wasn't just something delicate, seconds from breaking after her 'troubled' childhood as we learn in the novel, but somebody who is real because y'know, not all teens are wimps like And we *can* read about teens who are not wimps, even if we ourselves are one. At first, I found it a bit confusing why Wally chose to live on the streets when her adoptive family were extremely wealthy and she could have anything she wanted, but as I got to know her character, I realised her need to feel sort of, in control, which is how she is able to feel in her life on the streets, with her crew.

There are some very violent action scenes where I'm so glad to say there author didn't hold back on. This really made the story for me. I feel like in YA literature, there isn't enough thriller-y type novels where we get the explicit details. The parts where we get to see into the pasts of Jake, Ella and Tevin were fascinating and horrible to read about at the same time.

I also loved how when Wally's father meant business, he meant business. One problem I had with Gabrielle Zevin's All These Things I've Done is that Anya's father wasn't all the notorious bad guy he was made out to be, in my opinion, but Wally's father scared the hell out of me. Guy is NOT somebody you'd want to me in a dark alley. Or anywhere at all.

The novel is being pitched as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for teens, and I haven't read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo yet because I haven't gotten around to it, but if it is anything at all like Dark Eyes, it is so at the top of my wishlist. If the pitch is anything to go by, you REALLY want to read this book.

Dark Eyes is fast-paced, exhilarating and a truly captivating thriller. I swear it had like, All The Twists. This is definitely one of my favourite reads of the year, so far. The world-building is raw and gritty and there is definitely no sugar-coating here, so mega high-fives to William Richter. I am incredibly excited for what else he has to offer. I'm not sure if there will be a sequel, though there's a small part of me hoping that there won't be because this is great as it is and I don't want  it to be potentially ruined by a second book, but I would deffo still read it. And just pray it lives up to this.

update: actually i changed my mind it sounds freakin' awesome

Also, I hated Klesko the evil bad guy but love him for teaching me those Russian swear words. Swear words in foreign languages FTW. *giggles*

'“Be careful, vnuchenka,” he said. This world is a wilderness.'


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  1. DIMITRIIIIIIII. *reaches* *REACHES* *sobs at the thought of Shadow Kiss and Blood Promise* *remembers Spirit Bound and Last Sacrifice and is okay now*

    I am so, SO happy you loved this one! I totally ended up buying this one like as soon as it came out because I heard nothing but good things about it and I love the cover. I am a sucker for amazing covers. I have yet to read it, though, but your review sure does make me want to forget about sleep and read it...

    thanks, darling, for the amazing review. :)


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