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REVIEW: Zero by Tom Leveen

Title: Zero by Tom Leveen
Pages: 304
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: 24th April, 2012
Format: eGalley
Source: Publisher (via Netgalley)

For aspiring artist Amanda Walsh, who only half-jokingly goes by the nickname Zero, the summer before college was supposed to be fun—plain and simple. Hanging out with her best friend Jenn, going to clubs, painting, and counting down the days until her escape. But when must-have scholarship money doesn't materialize, and she has a falling out with Jenn that can only be described as majorly awkward, and Zero's parents relationship goes from tense to relentless fighting, her prospects start looking as bleak and surreal as a painting by her idol Salvador Dali. Will life truly imitate art? Will her new, unexpected relationship with a punk skater boy who seems too good to be real and support from the unlikeliest of sources show Zero that she's so much more than a name.

 --Goodreads summary

I read Tom Leveen's Party, recently and thought it was fabulous. And I felt the same way about Zero.

Amanda "Zero," is seventeen, and has just been accepted into the most amazing college where she'll be able to do the most amazing things, but then she her scholarship is cancelled. On top of that, her parents won't stop arguing and she's currently not speaking to her best friend. Sadface of all sadfaces. BUT THEN, she meets the drummer of band Gothic Rainbow, Mike, at a gig and life is cool again! (Not that she's over the moon just because she like, met a boy. Mike is just *one* of the reasons :P)

I loved Mike. He was lovely, and hey, DRUMMERS ARE COOL TOO! Just fyi. I loved how he was so determined to make increase Zero's self-esteem and how much he cared about her. The body-image stuff with Zero was really interesting, especially how it was portrayed. I liked that it wasn't one of "those big issues" like eating disorders, but instead was dealt with in a realistic, more refreshing way. Zero herself was a really strong female character, very angsty! AND OMG YOU GUYS THERE WASN'T ANY INSTA-LOVE! Woo!

I would've liked to have seen a bit more from Jenn-the-best-friend though. Her character intrigued me. And maybe if it was a little bit sadder I would've given it five stars on Goodreads. I like sad books.

There's this super-rad place called The Hole and dude. Can I live there? Awesome place, awesome people, awesome THINGS. And there's ART. Why would you NOT want to read a book with art?! Also: Salvador Dali quotes = WIN.

I thought the ending was fantastic! It was unpredictable and different--the characters went down their own paths and there was just something really great about the whole atmosphere. In the past couple of months I've just been reading nothing but contemporary YA (which I adore) and I'm not saying it's been getting boring (because contemp is NEVER boring) but whilst reading Zero I kept thinking to myself how original and just different the book felt. It was just really fab, okay?!

If you had a couple of priceless sapphires and held them up to the rays of the setting sun in the moments after a Sonoran monsoon, they'd be lifeless next to this guy's eyes.



  1. This book sounds good! I enjoy reading your review. Yep, agree! Drummers are cool! XD
    Glad that there aren't any Insta-Love because I hate that kind of story. From your review, I can see that this book is an enjoyable one!
    I know that feeling. Sometimes I take a break from reading all the fantasies and settle down with a chick-lit or MGs for a while. Just to freshen up a bit. I sometimes read sad books too! My favourite is Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. It is a very good story and it's sad!
    You can try reading it!

    Marshiee @ Books With Marshmallows

  2. Great review! This definitely sounds like a pretty entertaining read. :)


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