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REVIEW: Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick by Joe Schreiber

Title: Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick by Joe Schreiber
Pages: 240
Publisher: Electric Monkey (imprint of Egmont)
Publication Date: 5th March, 2012
Format: Kindle edition
Source: Bought

Perry Stormaire is a normal high school senior– he is busy applying to college and rehearsing with his band –until he agrees to go to the prom with the Lithuanian exchange student who is staying with his family. It turns out that Gobi Zaksauskas is not the mousy teenager that she seems but rather an attractive, confident trained assassin. Instead of going to the prom, Perry finds himself on a wild ride through the streets of New York City as Gobi commandeers the Jaguar his father lent him for the prom in order to take out her targets. Perry learns a lot about himself – and ends up with some amazing material for his college application essays.

 --Goodreads summary

I first heard about Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick at BEA last year. I didn't *go* to BEA but I remember there was a video where five publicists talked about one book each and (I think) somebody from Egmont was there talking about this. What first intrigued me was the title. There's a bunch of really long titles in YA fiction at the moment, and this one has to be one of my favourites. I don't know--I just think it sounds really awesome! I saw the video a really long time ago, and I forget to reread the synopsis before I started reading, so for some reason, I thought it would be this really funny, fluffy read about a boy going to prom with this foreign exchange student he was in love with. Yeah, Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick is nothing like that.

The story does start of with Perry Stormaire taking Gobi the exchange student (who's been living in his house for the past nine months) to his super-boring school prom, but not because he's in love with her, no,  because Gobi will be going back to Lithuania soon, and his mother thinks it's a nice thing to do for her. Yeah, right, FINE, thinks Perry. The prom is super-boring as expected, and the night is fun...until Gobi decides she wants to go to New York City. Perry goes along with this change in plans because his band Inchworm just happens to be playing at a club in Manhattan that night and he had to back out because of prom, but now he can go! Or not. Because then Gobi makes a stop at some club and comes out with blood on her hands, having just murdered somebody. Yeah. And so beings a night of destruction and total craziness as Gobi leads Perry on an adventure he will never forget.

Perry was a really great character. He was the kind of person I would LOVE to know In Real Life! And his reaction to finding out that Gobi was really this sexy international assassin chick instead of the awkward, traditional-ceremonial-costume wearing Lithuanian girl he thought she was. I loved Gobi, too. I found it really honourable how Gobi went to all this trouble just to avenge the death of her beloved sister, even if it was also quite an insane thing to do. Both characters had contrasting personalities and I thought pair were a perfect match as far as main characters in a young adult fiction novel go.

At the beginning of each chapter, there was essay questions from different universities that linked in to what would happen in the chapter. I thought this was a really neat touch. Especially when you see how it connects with the very last part of the book...

Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick definitely has to be one of my favourite reads of 2012. It is full to the brim with action, and I absolutely devoured it. You will LOVE this if you like car chases, assasins and kissing. Wait, you'll love it even if you *don't* like car chases, assassins and kissing!

*the cover above is the US cover. I used it because I think it is much prettier than the UK one.

**this is a really bad review because I wrote a really great one and then accidentally deleted it because I fail at lyf so I had to write it again. sadface.


"The light spilling out of you face and eyes and skin blazed up higher, and you said you had to go.

You said it had to be this way.

You said you were a goddess of fire."



  1. It's a shame your review got deleted but this one is great nevertheless. I've wanted to read this for ages now. It's sounds SO good. And I defo agree with you on the US cover. The UK one is just yellow, ugly and boring. =P Great review Iffath :)

  2. Ooooh, I really want to read this now! Sorry your review got deleted ]: But this one was still awesome.


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