Monday, December 12, 2011

I am... alive

Hello! I just thought I'd come and write a post to let you all know that I *am* alive and well, and haven't dropped off of the face of the Earth. During the last few months, I've been really busy with schoolwork, exams and other personal commitments. I'm not going to.. apologise for not posting regularly, because seriously? a) Nobody even reads my blog, I am a loser with no friends and no readers, and b) I want to highlight that blogging is not my job. Reviewing books is not my job. Although at times it may feel like a job because I get so into it, I really need to calm down and stop being paranoid about people hating me for not posting. Just thought that, with all the business with the letter from William Morrow and whatnot, that you guys should know. But regarding that, I'm so lucky that every one of the publishers I've worked with have been fantastic, and understand that I'm still a child *cough* teenager and not put any pressure on me to review their books or anything like that. <3

Anyway, that's not what I wanted to talk about! You may have noticed some changes around the blog! I changed my whole layout because I wanted something simple but pretty, and my sidebars clean. And then, there's the GORGEOUS header at the top! Isn't it just.. wow?! I can say that because for once, I didn't make it! The fabulous, Melissa Ebert from Papier Fabrik painted it for me and I just cannot stop looking at it! Huge, huge thank you to Melissa for taking the time out to do this for me!

Then there's the blog name change! Y'all may remember I posted about wanting to change my name a while ago, and as you can see, it has happened! Love Reading X is no more, now I am known as Painting With Words. My URL is now - the former being (which is now a camping blog, LOL). What's with the 0? "" was taken and I didn't want to have dashes or another word etc because it would be hard to remember, where as a simple '0' would not.

I have been reading lots and lots; a mix of physical review books, eGalleys from NetGalley, and some fab books I've wanted to read for a while that I bought for my Kindle! Reviewing however is a total different story. The list is becoming shorter though. Not by much, but it IS. I want everything I've read this year to be reviewed (if it's one that needs to be reviewed) before 2012 because otherwise those reviews will never get done, haha :)

And that's pretty much it... you can check out my latest reviews here (and comment if you love me) - I hope you enjoy reading them! I should have more up soon, as well as doing an IMM for the past couple of months, a NetGalley post and maybe some other things! I'm still fixing some things up around here, so if anything looks weird, it's because I've messed with it and can't decide if something should be this way or that way.

I had some more things to say, but I've forgotten all of them so they'll have to wait. Have a lovely evening!


p.s. sorry for such a long post! points for you if you read all of it!

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  1. Iffath! You're BACK! :D *Happy dance* You know I LOVE the new header. It is the purdiest thing ;)Yay! I look forward to seeing you around the blogosphere as well as the Twittersphere again ;D


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