Thursday, April 28, 2011

So, there's this thing..

So, Figment are doing this Dystopia contest with Lauren Oliver. You had to write a short story or poem "in which two people meet and have a connection (romantic or not), in a society where human interaction is shunned."

Entries that are top hearted will become finalists, and the winner will receive signed copies of Lauren's books, get highlighted on the Figment blog ands newsletter, and along with the winners of four other contest, will be entered to win a Kindle.

I just realised that I never even explained to you what Figment is about! Figment is basically a website where writers can share their work and talk with others who LOVE to read. And we (I) here at Love Reading X LOVE to read. And I'm guessing that's *probably* why you're here too. Am I right, or am I right?

And now I completely forgot what the whole point of this post is about. *headdesk*

Well. I wrote this poem. And it's a little bit good. A little bit. And I..y'know..entered the contest. I haven't entered a writing contest for a good couple of years, since I first discovered that I liked writing poetry and entered EVERY contest I could find, so this was quite a big thing for me.

Um, so here's why the hell I'm writing the post. There is a sort of 'voting process'. When you click on the link that takes you to a piece of writing, there will also be buttons that say 'heart', 'comment' and 'review' and some other things. You read above that the top-hearted will become finalists? Yeah, I need to become a finalist. Just kidding. But it would be SO awesome if you guys could at least check out my work and let me know what you think. You don't even have to heart it. you don't even have to LIKE it. Just tell me what you think. AND DID I MENTION YOU COULD WIN A KINDLE? Because y'all should know that I'm saving up to buy one before the summer, so I can take it with me on holiday. So far, I have one £5 Amazon voucher,  and no other way of earning money since I'm too young to work, and my parents are mean. But it's just another, what, £147 to go right? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. #not

I know there's a lot of people who don't like my poetry writing-style, and that's cool. It can get confusing even for me, but it's just the way I think my poetry should be.

Also, you probably know that I'm a huge procratinator. which is why I entered my poem a few hours before the deadline, and why I'm writing this post now, when the deadline for hearting is tomorrow. Oopsy. Which means I most likely WON'T be a finalist, but I don't mind, because I just want to hear what you think. I have to be told because I get quite paranoid like that.

I hope you guys understand that I'm not saying you HAVE to heart mine. You can heart however many by whoever you want , but y'know,i f you do, it'd mean a lot to me. *beams*

So. Go heart! Here's a link to ALL the entries. There's some REALLY awesome ones there! My friend/fellow bloggers Cicely from CicLovesBooks and Lynsey from Narratively Speaking have also entered, with some really fab writing, so make sure to check them out too! (click their names to go to their entry)

And if you're on Figment, or want me to put up the link to your entries (if you entered) up here, let me know in the comments! And link me to your Figment profiles if you have one!

Thanks for reading my post! xo


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