Sunday, March 13, 2011

in which Iffath has a Nervy B*

*Nervy B = Nevous Breakdown. Have you never read the Georgia Nicolson books?!!

Um, wow, so, where to start?

Well, this time last week, I was just surfin' (the internet of course), reading and commenting on your IMMs, when BOOM, pop-up box, which I stupidly-accidentally-without-thinking clicked. And long story short, my computer had a virus. I am fourteen year-old and can you blame me for clicking the damn pop-up?! And I didn't even know what to do, because it wasn't letting me open anything to do a scan or whatever so I had to shut down, and hope that everything was going to be okay. *blinks back the tears*

My brother came back home, and told me he would have to erase the whole computer and hope it works. He did. All my stuff was gone. The stupid History essay I spend YEARS, well, days on, the five reviews that took me forever, that I hadn't put onto blogger yet, and all my poetry, my beautiful, beautiful poetry, and my NOVEL. OH GOD MY NOVEL IS GONE. Well, the 1000 words I actually managed to do (I'm a busy woman, what can I say). But still, it's all gone, and when I realized that, I just wanted to cry my heart out.

All week, I've been internet-less, bored out of my mind. 

A week people, A WEEK. While you lot were all here, doing your bloggy-thing, and I was sat on the sofa, all day (after school - if I didn't have school I would have probably started eating myself or something), watching TV, which I hardly ever do, thank God for America's Next Top Model, the Food Network and Disney Channel. AND MUSIC. I was fantastising what it would be like to be back on Twitter, on Tumblr, reading my emails. But alas, I couldn't. I knew I had emails though, exciting ones too, because I checked on my phone, which cost me money that I do't have.

By day five, I was literally having a nervous breakdown. Day five also happened to be The Tenth Of March. Did you remember what was happening on The Tenth of March? You should have. But I don't blame you because nobody else did either :( The Tenth of March is/was also known as DUN DUN DUN..Results Day. In which I get a grade for the Core Science GCSE paper I did in January.

I got..a B.

Am I pleased? Yes. But I could have done better. I really could have.

So, I'm back online and if I owe you an email, I promise I'll get to it, asap, I just have so much more to do now, track work down etc. By any chance, did I send any of you guys any of my work? I had most of my poetry in my notebook as well as on the computer, but there's just one of my best pieces I wrote that I don't have written down, it was just on the computer and now it's lost forever. So if I've ever sent you anything, please let me know!!!

And what have I missed in the past week?! I NEED TO KNOW! Cover reveals, book-ish news, that sort of  thing. SHARE!

I'm just getting used to doing things again by the way, so the following week might be a bit slow on posts, I have a lot I need to catch up on so, y'know, bear (or is it bare?) with me.


*radiates love*



  1. I MISSED YOU SO MUCH TOO IFFATH! :D But it totally sucks that you lost all your stuff! I hope that you get some of it back :)

  2. Awwwww trust me I am the queen of getting Viruses. They are a nightmare gah! Sorry that you lost work that's just major suckish. *hugs*

  3. ALWAYS back up!! That's the only piece of advice I could give you right now but I'm hoping you've learnt that one for yourself ;)

    Congrats on your exam results!

  4. Well done on your "B" - but ahhhh! What a nightmare to lose all your hard work. That's rubbish! :( *hugs*

  5. Awwww poor you! I can't believe you lost everything! *hugs* And a B is really good, don't be dissapointed : )

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