Tuesday, February 15, 2011

um hi

So, uh, yeah, you may recall a post I wrote this morning titled 'I quit'. Frankly I don't exactly know what I actually quit but I did.

I can't tell you exactly why I wrote it because 1) I don't actually know and 2) it's probably a long story. I just want to thank you guys for the lovely comments and tweets, you might also want to read yesterday's post.

Y'know when you have the rush of madness and you just DO something, without thinking about it, and it's over before you know it? Well I'm (pretty) sure that's what happened. I was feeling annoyed and hyper and upset and angry and stressed and EVERY OTHER EMOTION in the world all at once. #oopsydaisy

Well anyway, there's a few hours until Options Evening, I have a Maths: Statistics test tomorrow, an art page that needs to be given in tomorrow, a PSHE assessment about the Death Penalty (which we haven't even covered) that needs to be given in tomorrow because I forgot to give it back today at the end of the day, an English project due tomorrow, an English practice exam on Animal Farm, about fifteen reviews for somebody who used to be my favourite person but now irritates me with every word that comes out of their mouth AND a 1000-word story. On top of the over thirty reviews I have to do.

It's seriously stressing me out. And I can't afford to be stressed out right now because I have the other half of my Science GCSE in June and my Maths/Stats exam and my English one as well.

In regards of what I'm trying to do about it..I've just counted and I have fifty-five (give or take a few) reviews. This includes all the books I've read since 2010 that I haven't reviewed, which were mostly for review, some library, some I bought. You might not have realised..but fifty-five is quite a lot (for me). And dude, I'm only fourteen.

So you know, if I seem a bit distant/depressed/stressed in my reviews, on Twitter or whatever, you now know why.

Well, wasn't *that* a fun post to write!

*And the whole 'I quit' thing? Hm. I did *honestly* think about deleting this whole blog and all other traces of myself from the interweb once. Just once. Because I couldn't be bothered with anything anymore.


Update: BTW, I WILL still be blogging.



  1. Phew! Flippin 'eck, you had me worried for a bit there. Sounds like you're getting a bit bogged down with it all. Why don't you take a little blogging holiday while you get all your other stuff sorted out? If there's anything we can do to help, and I mean any of your blogging friends not just me, because I'm sure they'd all like to help you out, just let us know. (((hugs)))

  2. *hugs* I think we all have moments where we want to quit and delete everything at times! I know I've thought about it once or twice.

    I'm sorry you're feeling so stressed out about it. I hope you can find a way to balance the blog with school and life. I couldn't have done half of what you've done at your age, even if I wasn't battling health issues! You do great. :)

  3. Yeah take a break if it helps and for one, don't ask for any more books or take anymore if you can't cope right now. You have way to many to review already. Take it slow and review the ones you can and most likely inform the publishers that most of them will be reviewed late, I'm sure they will understand. That should help ease your nerves a bit :)

  4. Concentrate on the stuff that really matters, the exams that will have an impact on the rest of your life.

    If someone is taking advantage and bugging you, then politely tell them that you're under too much stress at the moment.

    How about a catch-up post where you just list the books you've read and give them each a one line review?

    Blogging should be fun..not another bit of homework. Do what works for you!

  5. Sounds like you're feeling under some pressure, which is understandable. Remember, the blog is just a hobby and it should be fun, so try not to let it become a chore.

    You have quite a review pile there, but you should read for fun - read what appeals to you, and enjoy it. Maybe take a little blog holiday or put up a note saying that you're not accepting review copies for a while. I don't request review copies, so any that do come my way, I don't feel obligated to review them by a certain date, and reading remains fun.


  6. I agree with the comments above.
    I have been struggling with the blogging side of things the last couple of weeks for different reasons and I have to remind myself that I am doing it for me & it should be fun.
    You have an awful lot to cope with at the moment. Put the important stuff first. You have your whole life ahead of you. ENJOY IT

  7. Totally understand - we all feel like hitting delete on ourselves sometimes, I think! Love Keren's suggestion of just doing mini one-line reviews to catch up (but even then, only when you've got time - blog is for fun, not for stressing you out on top of everything else). Look after yourself. Sxx

  8. I agree with all the above comments, blogging should be fun above all else.

    Why not take a break for a while, take the time to recharge your batteries and concentrate on what's important and then come back to your blog refreshed and renewed.

    I would struggle with the workload you have at the moment and I hope you begin to feel more positive about things soon.


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