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REVIEW: Withering Tights by Louise Rennison + Giveaway

Withering Tights
by Louise Rennison
Pages: 352 (HB) / 368 (PB)
Publisher: HarperCollin's Children's Books
Publication Date: 8th July 2011 (HB) / 3rd February 2011 (PB)

The misadventures of Tallulah Casey…Hilarious new series from Queen of Teen – laugh your tights off at the (VERY) amateur dramatic antics of Talullah and her bonkers mates. Boys, snogging and bad acting guaranteed!

Picture the scene: Dother Hall performing arts college somewhere Up North, surrounded by rolling dales, bearded cheesemaking villagers (male and female) and wildlife of the squirrely-type.
On the whole, it’s not quite the showbiz experience Tallulah was expecting… but once her mates turn up and they start their ‘FAME! I’m gonna liiiiive foreeeeeever, I’m gonna fill my tiiiiights’ summer course things are bound to perk up.
Especially when the boys arrive. (When DO the boys arrive?)
Six weeks of parent-free freedom.
BOY freedom.
Freedom of expression…
cos it’s the THEATRE dahling, theatre!!

Being, what one may call a teenage girl, I am a big, big fan of Louise Rennison's writing. Particularly her 'The Confessions of Georgia Nicholson' series; and I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival for the first book in her new series, Withering Tights. Being totally broke (as usual), I ran along to my public library and hoped they'd have a copy. They did! (Although I have my own copy now, thanks to harper Collins Children's Books - thanks you guys!)

Tallulah Casey is Georgia's fourteen year-old cousin, and although she's not as funny, she's definitely inherited the crazy gene from her much-loved cousin! An aspiring performer, she has just been accepted for performing arts college in Yorkshire, Dother Hall for the summer. Dother Hall brings her new and crazy friends, loony teachers and a total resident rebel AKA Cain Hinchcliff as well as lots of others.. sounds fun or what?!

I knew it would be pretty hard for Rennison to deliver to us something that was up to the same (very high) standards of her Georgia Nicolson books, but I have to give her credit for it. Although I didn't love this as much as the Georgia books, Withering Tights was a fantastic read. Tallulah was as silly as I could ever imagine her, despite her being no Georgia. And her new friends were great..Honey with the lisp was my favourite!

Fans of Georgia, do not be disappointed! And if you *haven't* read anything Georgia Nicolson-related yet (what is WRONG with you?!), if you like Irish dancing, ballet or y'know just a fan of any type of wacky singing/dancing or just LAUGHTER, then this is the book for you! [I know I sound like an advertise from the TV but I'm being serious!] Withering Tights is extremely funny, light-hearted and just plain mad! Written by a brilliantly talented author, I can guarantee you it is 352 pages of pure laughter! I'm really looking forward to reading more about Tallulah and her adventures at Dother Hall in book two!



Thanks to the lovely S at HarperCollins, I have one copy of Withering Tights to give away! 

To enter, send an email to lovereadingx[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject line as 'WITHERING TIGHTS GIVEAWAY' and I will pick one winner (only UK addresses, please) via

You don't have to be a follower, but if you like what you see, it will be appreciated! 

Ends 6th March.



  1. Sounds funny =) Glad you enjoyed it. I've not read any of this series.

  2. I really liked this book! So funny. I want Irish Dancing lessons from Tallulah. But I think Jo was my favourite. #ShortpeopleUNITE! ;P (Wrong social networking site, but oh well! :D) Great review!

  3. Yes, I read this too, I LOVED it at the beginning, but I found it got very confusing at the end and didn't enjoy it as much : ( Glad you liked it though! And I NEED to read the Georgia diaries!

  4. I really love the sound of Withering Tights - it sounds like bags of fun. Thanks for a great review :D


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