Tuesday, February 22, 2011

REVIEW: The Queen's Lady by Eve Edwards

The Queen's Lady
by Eve Edwards
Pages: 352
Publisher: Razorbill UK
Publication Date: 3rd February 2011

1584 – Surrey, England When Lady Jane Rievaulx begins service to the Queen at Richmond Palace, she is thrilled at the court’s newest arrival . . . Master James Lacey. Despite her previous courtship with his older brother, James is the man she truly loves. And for his part, he cannot deny his fascination with her. However, James is setting sail on a treacherous journey to the Americas, seeking absolution for what he sees as past sins. But when Lady Jane is forced into a terrible situation by her own family, there is only one man to save her. Will Master James return to his lady ­- before it’s too late?

I was sad to find out that The Queen's Lady would not be about Will and Ellie anymore, but I didn't have to be, because we got to delve deeper into the life of Lady Jane after she turned down Will's proposal, as well as see what happened with Will and Ellie. I got to see both Jane and James in a different light, and I found myself liking them more and more as we followed what was going on in their lives.

Reading The Queen's Lady made me feel so much for for poor Jane. Her husband, who was more like her best friend, passed away and her stepsons are more horrible than ever! Her real family..well they don't care much for her at all. All they to care about is money, and it was awful to see how they were so determined to get her married to somebody who had a higher status, just for their own greedy needs. I felt so much anger towards them.

The Queen's Lady picks up about a year after the previous book left off. It tells the story of Lacey brother, James, and a good friend of Ellie's, Lady Jane, who was also set to marry Will in The Other Countess, until she broke it off because she knew that Will was in love with Ellie..my explanation makes it sound confusing, but it's SO sweet and awesome. There is also some subplots involving Diego, James's servant, and Jane's friend Milly, and another one that introduces Christopher 'Kit' ..the illegitimate brother of the Lacey's. Edwards has created a brilliant set-up for The Rogue Princess! I'm looking forward to reading about him!

The romance between James Lacey and Jane, may just have been *even more* swoonworthy than Ellie and Will's! James is completely tortured by the things he saw in Spain when he was at war and the things he was going through made me want to cry for him, but I was also annoyed at him for not realising but what was right in front of him! Jane was in need and I understand his situation but when he and Jane were together, everything was okay, and they were so perfect for each other and he should have been there and.. le sigh.

The Queen's Lady is a charming novel that is made up of the most beautifully-detailed descriptions, written so vibrantly that they will transport you to back in time to the Elizabethan era..and I promise you will have a *great* time..



  1. Ooh so glad you liked this one - I'm about to start reading it soon! Great review love :) x

  2. I have The Other Countess on my Kindle to read. It sounds a really good series.

  3. i can't wait for the third one of these to be released - fab books!!


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