Monday, January 31, 2011

NEWS: In which I chuck in random things I forgot about

I've been meaning to post about book-ish going-ons in the world for a while now, but I always seem to be, sorry if some of this is a bit old!

New layout..
I've been sporting this new layout for about a month now. I'm one of those people who gets bored of things like this really easily. You could call me a perfectionist (you should be glad you've never met me in real life!) , because if I don't like something I need to change it, even if it's a tiny thing. My header used to have a little design behind the 'L' that matched my old background, but I had to change that because I didn't like it anymore, and I had to change all the fonts three times because they didn't look nice with this layout when I changed it.

I wanted something that was pretty, but simple. I think this layout is just that! (And I can't afford to get it professionally done so..) What do you guys think?

Book Trailers
Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann


Others: Blessed by Cynthia Leitich Smith, Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr and The 13 Secrets by Michelle Harrison.

Walker Books launch Undercover.
Walker Books have launched a new website called Undercover Reads, which will be for their YA book releases. Go here to find out more.

The first novel they are highlighting is Long Reach by Peter Cocks which I just got from the library a few weeks ago because I saw it featured! I finished it recently Review coming soon!

Long Reach by Peter Cocks
Seventeen-year-old Eddie Savage is shocked to learn that the body of his brother, Steve, has just been washed up in the Thames. But he soon discovers something even more disturbing: that Steve had actually been working undercover for the police – and was probably murdered in the line of duty. Determined to avenge his brother's death, Eddie relinquishes his old life and identity to take up where Steve left off, throwing himself headlong into his first mission – to infiltrate a tough south London gang. But as he becomes caught up in the world of crime, Eddie begins to question where his loyalties lie. Then he makes a terrible discovery...

Kiss Me, Kill Me.
The awesome Sarwat Chadda has set up a huge blog series called 'Kiss Me, Kill Me', where he will have some absolutely amazing authors visiting his blog for reviews and Q&As about their books, as well as more! Authors include Becca Fitzpatrick, Maggie Stiefvater, Ally Carter, Rachel Hawkins, Melissa de la Cruz, Ally carter and more! If you are struggling to figure who the heck some of these people are (what are you, mental? How could you NOT know any of these people?!!!)..then: vampires, zombies, werewolves, fallen angels and witches. Now you're definitely interested, don't lie to me! Go here to check out the blog!

New book releases this week:
Grace by Morris Gleitzman
Siren by Tricia Rayburn
The Queen's Lady by Eve Edwards
Delirium by Lauren Oliver
Threads 3: Sequins, Stars and Spotlights by Sophia Bennett
Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin
Quarry by Ally Kennen

The awesome people at new teen imprint MiraInk have made some free copies of the eBook of The Iron King by Julie Kagawa available to download! To get a copy for free, just enter the code express2 at the checkout. Go here to order it! Please note that you do have to register first, although I don't think you need to put in your address. (Source)

Michelle Harrison, author of The 13 Treasures trilogy, is having a competition for writers! To enter, you must be 8-16 years old and write a story or poem (up to 1000 words) on the subject of secrets. The overall winner will win a special, one-of-a-kind charm bracelet, which is based on The 13 Treasures as well as set of signed books. Five runners-up will all win a signed copy of The 13 Secrets, the last book in the trilogy. For more information, visit Michelle's website.

Later! (Sorry it's all boring black-and-white as well, I've got tons to do!)


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