Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year! + 2011 Resolutions

Happy New Year!
yeah a day late, but whatever :P


My blogging resolutions!

Read slower.
The problem with me reading books is that I read too fast, which means that I miss little things about the novel. It also means I don't savour them enough. I literally finish a book one night, then the next day I'm straight off to a new one. It's hard for me to review because it means I easily forget my thoughts and then the reviews start to pile up because I SO can't review a book as fast as I read it..

Review (and read) more books!
I take FOREVER to write a review. I think it's because I get distracted a lot..Twitter, I'm looking at you! I always talk about these amazing books I'm reading at the moment and how I can't wait to review it but nearly every person who visits the blog probably thinks 'I thought this was a book-reviewing blog. Where are all the reviews?' Which is not good.

Also, I'm going to try and finish the review of a book within a week of finishing it. Or may brain just pushes all my thoughts and opinions on it into a box called 'Junk'.

REPLY to emails.
*1 new message!*
Get's excited.
Tells people on Twitter.
Get's more excited.
Gets distracted with something else.
Email gets forgotten and sendee never gets a reply.*


Comment more.
I'm really trying to comment on blogs more! Believe me, when I see your post/review/meme/whatever, it's most likely that I've read it, but I just forget to comment. Sorry! I'm going to try and at least comment on all the blogs on my blog roll AND when people comment on my posts, I promise to be more sociable and comment back! Which brings me to IntenseDebate..the commenting system things which is meant to be really good..I'm looking into it y'all.

Tweet less.
Oh who am I kidding, in 2011 I'll probably tweet MORE!! TWITTER, Y U SO ADDICTIVE?!!

Have a variety of posts on the blog.
When I first started blogging, I thought I'd post about lots of different bookish things, book trailers, extracts, exciting events, stuff like that! But I never got round to doing it all. I'll try and make sure I have a more frequent amount of NEWS posts where I'll post stuff like that. More discussion posts too. I think I have one about eBooks in my drafts somewhere..

I am like, the slowest person in the world. AT EVERYTHING! Which doesn't help when you're a book blogger. I take hours to write one simple little post, that should only take several minutes. Even with template-y things for my features and reviews, it still takes a lot longer than necessary. Scheduling posts as soon as I'm sure they're perfect should happen as well, so I know that the blog will have some readable, interesting content if ever I'm away/really busy. #procrastinationFTW

Don't take book blogging so seriously.
Book blogging takes over my whole life, *literally*. I get stressed when I haven't posted in a couple of days, if it looks like all I do is post IMM and Waiting on Wednesday, if I'm not going to have a review on time. I even get stressed when I haven't checked my email! I'm starting to lack a bit in my schoolwork, which is really bad considering I'm doing my first GCSE in two weeks. Science. Which I hate. AND for crying out loud I'm only 14! *scared*

Stop being so depressing and be HAPPY!
I'm not elaborating, but yeah ^_^

Then there's the usual things, eat real FOOD (not Nutella, crisps, or endless croissants *drools*), exercise more, be less self-conscious, save up to buy a Kindle/eReader!

Oh yeah, in 2011, I might just confront my camera-phobia and make a vlog :)



  1. I really need to vary posts on my blog too... I'm scared all my readers will get bored and leave me :'(
    Great resolutions though! I hope 2011 is awesome for you and your blog :D

  2. You've got some good resolutions there. Good luck with that! I'm with you on the "reading slower" thing - it's true if you read and move on too quickly your thoughts get muddled and fly away - at least that's what I've found. Happy new year!


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