Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Hush Hush Book 3 Title!

Ever since Becca Fitzpatrick decided that Tempest wasn't the right title for the third book in the Hush Hush Saga, we've all been waiting patiently (not inside our heads though..) for Becca to reveal the new one. (Don't say you haven't, because I KNOW it's all that's been on your mind! Demanding to explode itself if we don't find it out soon..)

So you want to know? Head HERE (Fallen Archangel) to find out!

Becca on the title:
"I always thought the title of the third book would be loud— something a crescendo would build up to. And it made sense; the storyline of the third book is daring and twisty and oh so romantic. Which is why I was surprised to find, in the end, the title I chose isn't flashy or loud or culminating. Instead, it's a haunting word, quietly powerful, filled with mystery and beauty. A word that means to put doubt, fear and anxiety to rest. A word that is synonymous with stillness, secrecy and all that is forgotten."


Wow. I wasn't expecting this one! I had ideas about what I thought it would be never that! It is full of so much meaning and it there is a million reasons as to what the word 'Silence' means to the book!



  1. I hope this book has more communication and less Nora yelling at Patch, Patch keeping secrets for no reason etc. The cliffhanger was amazing in Crescendo so I look forward to reading what happens next! Kind of tired of the romantic melodrama though. :/

  2. That is a much better title than Tempest!

  3. I didn't even now they were changing the title! So different now... can't wait to see the cover½!


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