Friday, November 19, 2010

New Cover Feature + Contest


Well, firstly, I, Iffath, am a HUGE cover geek. Yeah. *glad that's out of my system* I seriously cannot cope with the amount of pretty covers that are being revealed. Could you?!! Don't know if you've noticed. but my Waiting on Wednesday is pretty much all about the cover!

SO, I thought: "Why not do a cover feature?!"
Then: "But I already do three regular meme/features.."

I want to do a cover feature, but then I don't want the blog to be too crowded and just all about that! And it'd take a while..I'm quite behind on reviews already!

Then: "One of them is going to have to go. And it needs to be all Apprenticey-You're-Fired-kinda-thing."

Teaser Tuesday.
Waiting on Wednesday.
In My Mailbox.


"Teaser Tuesday, YOU'RE FIRED! I'm très sorry."

BUT there's another problem. I NEED A NAME! 'Cover LOVE', 'Coverlicous', Cover Catch' have all been taken, as well as a lot of others. Here's where you come in: I want you guys to think of an original, snappy name, preferably with the word 'Cover' in it. Lol. As a reward, you WIN something. Not sure what you win yet. And how exactly I'm going to pay for it. It will be book-related though. And pretty. And YES, you can have my autograph too. *sighs* You people ask too much of me yaknow?!

-Deadline: 23rd November 2010
-Not sure if I can make it international or not..leave your country and I'll see judging by where most people are from. Or something like that.
-Please don't use one that's been taken. I'll be checking if I like yours!
-Multiple names are allowed.
-Please leave a way for me to contact you.

Thanks guys!



  1. Cool Cover Caravan, Cover Caravan or something like that? That's the best I could do (admittely not good at all!)


  2. Covergirl Love♥

    I'm from Uruguay

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hm ...

    What about:
    Judging the Book (by its cover!)


    Apereiraorama @

    Oh, and Canada. ... And the US. (At school).

  5. All i could think of was Covers Uncovered.


    jessica b

  6. How about Loving The Cover

    I never was very good at feature names lol.

  7. Hey I love covers, too!@ Car Ckarje Discover is a really good name;)

    I've got a weekly cover meme called ReCOVERy Friday, if you like to participate:

    Have a nice sunday:)

  8. What A Cover?
    I had Judging books by their covers, but it's been taken :P xx


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