Thursday, October 21, 2010

REVIEW: Torment by Lauren Kate

Author: Lauren Kate
Pages: 464
Publisher: Random House
Publication Date: 30th September 2010

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In Torment, fallen angel Daniel and his mortal love Lucinda think they are safe but evil forces are massing against them. As Luce learns more about her past, and discovers that the lives she’s already lived hold the key to her future happiness; she starts to wonder if Daniel has told her the whole truth. What if his version of events isn’t the way things happened? What if that means that she’s really meant to be with someone else?

*may contain spoilers*

I was so eager to read Torment after finishing Fallen, and really hoped it would deliver when I finally got it. needless to say, it was awesome.

Torment continues the story of Luce, who is *still* trying to figure out the mystery that is all of her pasts lives. The angels and the demons have decided that she is such an important person that they've declared a truce to make sure she is protected. Daniel and Cam have decided to send her off to Shoreline, a school on the coast of California, in which there are also 'gifted students' (aka, Nephilim) who get to follow a special syllabus  that is..something else really, as well as it being a school for 'normal' people. 

In Torment, well, to put it quite plainly, Luce is a very disobedient girl. But I don't blame her all that much! As much as I love Daniel, he is being totally shady and mysterious about everything. But then I don't blame Daniel all that much either; he's placed Luce in this new school for her own protection. He's asking her to stay on the school grounds, and the school grounds only, so she's safe from the Outcasts (aka, the enemy), which isn't really that hard, but Luce seems to think otherwise and is happy with doing the complete opposite!

On the matter of Daniel keeping secrets from Luce, he is really quite frustrating! I didn't understand why he couldn't just tell her things, it would've made things for him and her so much easier. It would've prevented all this hurting going on on both sides of the relationship. And hey, if you were told you lived lives before this one, wouldn't you want to know more? About what you were like, who your family were, what happened to you?

Things start to get a little tricky when Luce immerses herself in finding answers to all her unanswered questions  in The Announcers. And even after new teachers Francesca and Simon (fallen angels from two different sides who are, like, an item) advise her not to mess around with them anymore because of how dangerous they are, she still takes the risk.

Francesca and Simon are awesome. Truly awesome. I loved the new characters that were introduced, as well as the familair faces we were reunited with from the first book. My favourite? Miles. A really interesting, new love interest for Luce. He is as sweet as sugar and I just want to EAT HIM. No kidding. I'm not even going to say anything else about him apart from READ THE BOOK and fall in love with his sweetness. 
I was surprised to see how much Luce's character has developed since Fallen. I loved how she was so curious about everything and did quite a lot without actually thinking about the consequences. It added a sense of ambition and edge to her which I really liked. Although I though she was a teensy bit whiny. What? I said a teensy bit! 

The beginning was heavily focused on the pain both Luce and Daniel are feeling while apart. There were some very strong emotions portrayed and I think that was a very good element to the story. Around the middle-ish, close to the end-ish is where the action picks up and it starts to get abnormally thrilling. 
That ending..oh my. It was such a cliffhanger I can't even explain. Let summer roll on for Passion right now!! Thanks to the lovely people at Random House for my copy of Torment, don't forget me come June!

*please note that I wrote this at an abnormally early time, and uh, yeah..don't ask what's going on here :/


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  1. Seeing as Luce is such a huge part of what is going on, it really bothered me that Daniel tells her nothing. Like you said, so much could have been avoided had he just spoken up. And I too liked Luce's growth in this novel and that she took matters into her own hands.

    And your review totally makes sense, no worries. ;)


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