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REVIEW: A Most Improper Magick by Stephenie Burgis

Pretty UK cover!
A Most Improper Magick
Author: Stephenie Burgis
Pages: 304
Publisher: Templar Publishing
Publication Date: 1st August 2010
Advanced Readers Copy, courtesy of Bookbabblers.

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Nineteenth-century England is not the place to be practising magic. But in this prim and proper world, twelve-year-old Kat Stephenson’s family is going to be ruined unless she takes matters into her own hands. Lucky then, that Kat has inherited her mother’s magical talents...

Kat Stephenson has just discovered she has inherited her late mother’s magical powers when she is transported into another dimension via a special golden mirror. Exciting as it is, Kat must keep all of it a secret - because in London 1803, magic is looked down upon. Kat is unsure about how to deal with her new-found skills and there isn't much time to figure it all out - Kat's older sister is going to be forced into marrying a rich gentleman. And what about the group of witches (aka the Order) who are trying to persuade Kat to let them give her proper magic lessons?!

Brother Charles had spent his time gambling away most of the family's money and other sister Angeline is too busy casting careless love spells which don't end as nicely as she wanted. Kat believes it's her job to solve these crazy problems, and she more than prepared to use a little magic to help her...

As the youngest of four, high-spirited Kat is easy to relate to; she's always being told what to do and what not to do, being treated like a pest all the time by older siblings who just don't undersand how clever Kat really is. The author has managed to create a really colourful, quirky character in Kat! Loud and  highly individual, she fails to understand (or like) the rules of common etiquette, and it just made me laugh how she stood out around her family! My favourite part was when they all sat down for dinner. Her discovery of her magical powers and the truth about her mother is well depicted while her encounters with certain members of the Order never quite go the way you expect.

Burgis's debut novel is a charming combination of adventure, magic, and most unusually - highwaymen! Fan of Jane Austen and Diana Wynn Jones will love this heartwarming, funny and immersive novel with beautifully formed characters and lots of clever twists. 

A Most Improper Magick gives us a taste of what it's like to have the power of magic and and I'm really looking forward to what happens next in the story! It seems like there's a lot more to discover yet!

Thank you to Bookbabblers for sending me this to review for them, go check it out!

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