Friday, October 08, 2010

BLOG TOUR: Exclusive Angel Fire Cover Reveal!

So, you all know I *loved* ANGEL, so when I was asked if I wanted to be a part of the blog tour, I was over the moon! 

Today is the last stop on the tour, where little ole' me gets to reveal the cover for Angel Fireeee!

You want to see it...

The designer..on Angel:
Every book cover is inspired by the story inside and with Angel this is obviously true. The wing motif is a straightforward reference to the angels that feature. Then, the idea was to mix dark and light - to reflect the interplay of these elements in the story. I had an idea in my mind about how I wanted Willow to look, but it took a long time to find the perfect picture. Victorian decoration and tarot cards both provided inspiration for the overall design, which also pays homage to the gothic style.  I liked the lettering used on Victorian gravestones so the typography was influenced by that.

On Angel Fire:
With Angel Fire we wanted to keep the same kind of look and feel as we used for Angel but continue the story, so Alex is brought into the scene. When looking for Alex it had to be someone dark and brooding who was the right age but who also had a special intensity. Alex features slightly in front of Willow to show his desire to protect her and in practical black clothing which would be suitable for a trained Angel Killer.

L.A. Weatherly's reaction:
WOW! This took my breath away when I first saw it - the design is just gorgeous (and so is the model for Alex!).  I loved hearing about the designer's inspirations for this, and think he's done an amazing job - this is the perfect follow-up cover to Angel! Huge thank you's to everyone involved.

The lovely Iffath on both covers...
When I first saw the cover for Angel, I was blown away. I loved it. The colours were gorgeous, I just loved that pastelly blue colour and the orange against the white, it was practically glowing in my grasp! 
And when I saw the cover for Angel Fire, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Is that Alex?! Then I kissed the computer screen. 
No really. I did.
Three words: Beautiful, intense, and ALEX <3

N.B (from Usborne): This is not the final, final cover there are still a couple of very small tweaks to be made but it’s pretty close, so what do you all think?!

Update: the cool models on the cover feature in the Angel trailer too..take a look here.
ANOTHER UPDATE: Oh yes, if Sean Faris was on the cover I think I would just *die*. Hear that designers? ;)



  1. Is the first book out? I would really love to read these books, the covers are just GORGEOUS and the synopsis of the first book seems gripping!

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I like it, I like the continuity of the theme although can we have that hot canadian actor from Daisy Chain's blog on the cover please....*fans self*

  3. I really like that!! I love the play of the light from the wings with the shadows surrounding Alex and Willow. And I also love the continuity from Angel on the second book. I hate when covers from the same series don't look like they're the same seires. So great job all around! 'Alex' isn't quite how I picture him, but he's close enough for me to overall think it's a really acurate presentation of the characters as well. Much love!! Now just need to actually /have/ it!

  4. The cover is gorgeous - very eye catching!

  5. haha! I agree with Lynsey -get Sean Faris on the cover! I like it though - like that the covers are keeping to a theme and loved hearing the description. Can't wait for the book! Keep writing those deeply hot Alex scenes, Lee!

  6. I like the continuity of the cover but I don't like the guy model at all (sorry).

  7. Oooh I really like that cover! Nice to see Alex on it although Sean Faris would have been better lol

  8. This cover is very consistent with Angel, and I do like it! Except, well...Sean Faris? :D

  9. I LUV the colour scheme, it was what caught my eye in the first place. It kinda popped out among all the other books with their typical black covers.
    In regards to the picture though, I really would've preferred it to just have Alex on the cover, you know since Willow graced the covers of the first book, it would be fitting that Alex be on the next and perhaps them both, on the last book? (really depends on what direction the story takes of course)
    Also, has anybody realised that this Alex is wearing a trench coat? He should be wearing a leather jacket! He wears leather, she wears denim. A trench is way too Edward Cullen lol

    Great blog btw!!!

  10. I had a great time shooting that book cover. Apologies for not making the book-signing, managed to hospitalize myself!

    I hope they turn the book into a film (and cast me!), just have a feeling this series is going to be HUGE!!!

    Sebastian Rice, x

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