Monday, September 20, 2010

REVIEW: Jinxed by Sara Lawrence

Jinxed by Sara Lawrence
Author: Sara Lawrence
Pages: 352
Publisher: Faber and Faber
Publication Date: 7th May 200

From Amazon
Stagmount School
Where the girls run wild and the teachers cry in the loos
Jinx Slater returns to school for the most riotous term yet! Will her best friend and partner in crime, Liberty Latiffe, be allowed back? What are the identical Russian triplets up to, and where's the bloody bursar every time Mrs Bennett needs him?
Stagmount is fast becoming a den of iniquity where you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Everyone's in love these days and Jinx is no exception. Can she get her man and save the school?
Style, glamour, intrigue and scandal - it’s all happening at Stagmount.

Jinxed is the sequel to High Jinx by Sarah Lawrence which I thought was fabulous! I've always wanted to go to a boarding school and Jinxed made me want to go to one even more than the first book did! It sounds so fun and girly! A school where everybody knows each other and the little ones look up to the bad-ass big ones ;) 

We learn a lot more about the history of the school and more about Jinx too, in this high-spirited sequel; but, to be honest, I wasn't that keen on the plot for this at first, although it sounded very mysterious. The Russian triplets amused me. They sounded quite..odd, but interesting nonetheless! The twist at the end was far from 
predictable (says easy to please me) but it was a good ending! 

Jinx was a fabulous character in this, as were all the others; lively, energetic and charismatic. One thing I love about all of the girls is that, this goes for High Jinx too, because of all the swearing and alcohol that is written about in the books, you'd think that they were quite a rowdy, snobby, bitchy bunch; but they're actually not, on the outside they all put on this tough, bad girl, posh girl look, but inside they are really sweet and caring.

Sara's writing is fantastic. The characters in are even more likable than in High Jinx and adventures sounded so fun! Outrageously fun and entertaining, Jinxed is something else!



  1. I always wanted to go to boarding school too! Book sounds fun.

  2. Sounds like a fun book (though I never personally liked the idea of boarding school).


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