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REVIEW: High Jinx by Sara Lawrence

High Jinx by Sara Lawrence
Author: Sara Lawrence
Pages: 288
Publisher: Faber and Faber
Publication Date: 7th May 2009 (first published in 2007)

From Amazon
Jinx Slater is delighted to have reached the giddy heights of the lower sixth at Stagmount, England's most exclusive school for girls. Her ground-floor window affords her an excellent view of Brighton's bright lights, and Jinx is a girl with escape on her mind and a miniature screwdriver kit in her tuckbox.
Liberty Latiffe, Jinx's best friend and all-round perfect partner in crime, is not at all worried about being caught out by her very strict Muslim father. Nor are the rest of the girls. Until, that is, Stella Fox - Stagmount's newest new girl - arrives on the scene, determined to make her mark.

From the first line (which made me laugh so hard), I knew that this would be the kind of quirky book I usually read and I was hooked. I'd put it up but I don't think it's really appropriate, if you get my drift.

Jinx Slater is up to complete mischief, and having just sweet-talked Liberty's strict father into letting her stay at Stagmount, life is good and the pair are set on enjoy themselves by harassing the teachers they hate.

Insert: Stella Fox. Ahh Stella. What can I say about Stella? She is not at all what she seems to be, but unfortunately she has Liberty wrapped round her little finger. Stella isn't telling the whole story, and what she says happened regarding leaving her old school, is not true and what really happened is a lot more shocking when Jinx gets the scoop from some friends who go there. 

Meanwhile, Liberty is not budging and refuses to believe what Jinx is telling her about Stella's past. She puts it down to Jinx just being jealous that Liberty has found somebody else to hand around with. As if! But Jinx has a plan to send Stella back to the hell hole she came from and show her exactly who's the boss around here.

I think Stella was a fantastic addition to the book! She is definitely the kind of girl we all know/knew and hate..but maybe a little bit more exaggerated!

I really like Jinx's attitude; how she stayed beside Liberty after what she has accused her of, after all she actually was trying to do what was best for her best friend, and not doing it for herself, which is what we would assume from a rich attendee of a posh and snobby school.

High Jinx is a hilarious story with fantastic teen characters and a very interesting setting! I really enjoyed this and was appalled at how long I could laugh for whilst reading the book! Definitely check this one out, you won't be able to put it down! I'd especially recommend it to lovers of the Young, Loaded and Fabulous series by Kate Kingsley.


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