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REVIEW: The Poisoned House by Michael Ford

The Poisoned House
Author: Michael Ford
Pages: 288
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's
Publication Date: 2nd August 2010

From Amazon
Abigail is a maidservant in Greave Hall, an elegant London household governed by the tyrannical housekeeper, Mrs Cotton. Whilst the widowed master slips slowly into madness, Mrs Cotton gradually usurps the position of gentlewoman of the house. She wears his dead wife's jewellery and clothes, entertains guests as though the house is her own and reserves her most despotic treatment for Abi. In the dead of night, Abi makes a desperate bid for freedom, but is soon captured and returned to Greave Hall. As Mrs Cotton's malice intensifies, a ghostly presence distracts Abi with clues to a deadly secret. And Abi now realises that she can trust no one in the house.

The Poisoned House is other book I didn't think I'd enjoy very much, but once again, the awesome people at Bloomsbury have proved me wrong and opened my eyes to something new.

The story begins with a note from the Assistant Curator of Victorian Manuscripts; it notifies the reader that the following papers were found in a (lock) drawer of a bureau in the attic of a house that was previously known as Greave Hall. The papers appear to tell the story of Abigail Tamper, a teenage girl who was a servant at Greave Hall during 1855.

Abigail Tamper has lived at Greave Hall all her life - her mother worked here until she sadly died, and with no father or relatives she was forced to stay and work her living as a servant in the crumbling manor, trapped under the sharp watch of Mrs Cotton, the housekeeper, also know as the sister of the late Lady Greave. Then one chilly night, odd things start to happen in the house, and it's no coincidence when  Abi realises somebody is trying to tell her something, and it's not something sege wants to hear.

She must work fast to discover the secrets that are hidden within the walls of Greave Hall, and solve the mystery that was her mother's death; as well as deal with Lord Greave who is slowly going mad, and his son Samuel who she must nurse back to health. The killer is closer than she expected. A lot closer.

The Poisoned House is a truly gripping read from an admirable writer. As the chilling truth dawns, Abi’s world is turned upside down. An intense Victorian ghost story that will make a shiver run down your spine. (excuse my poor ending, I couldn't think of what to write >.<)

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