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REVIEW: The Eternal Ones by Kirsten Miller

The Eternal Ones
Author: Kirsten Miller
Pages: 416
Publisher: Puffin Razorbill
Publication Date: 19th August 2010

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Haven Moore has always known she's different: there are the talents that can't be explained; the knowledge of places she's never been; and then there are the visions that overwhelm her - terrifying visions of a life that ended tragically two decades earlier and more than a thousand miles away in New York City. The citizens of Haven's rural, highly religious community, believe that she's been possessed by a demon. But this is no demon: it's reincarnation. Haven journeys all the way to Manhattan in search of clues about her past life and a decades-old murder. One wrong move could lead her into the clutches of the sinister villain at the center of a conspiracy much larger than she could have ever imagined. But if she makes the right choices, Haven will find the answers she's been seeking her entire life. This is an epic and thrilling romance set in the snake-handling churches of Appalachia, the dusty ruins of ancient Rome, and the grand mansions of Manhattan. The Eternal Ones tells the story of the first battle in a war between undying love and eternal evil.

Haven Moore has always had visions of a past life and a love for a boy named Ethan. She doesn't know much about them as they continue to confuse her about things she never even knew about. But in the small town of Snope City, her decisive grandmother and the rest of the narrow-minded citizens believe she has been possessed by the devil. So when the chance to escape her hometown and discover things she was not in the know about with the help of the mysterious Ouroboros Society comes, Haven is determined not to let the option go to waste. But is what she finds really the best decision for her?

The idea of reincarnation really appealed to me when I first read the synopsis of this, it's an interesting subject that I've always wondered about. In The Eternal Ones, it is expressed in a really unique and intense. There are also traces of controversies such as religion and they way it is understood. The variation between the two diverse settings was fascinating; small, with highly religious inhabitants is Snope City, while New York is more of a bigger, more approving city with unprejudiced people.

Haven was - at times - incredibly irritating, and a bit too trusting as well; but I liked her independence, how she was determined to get out of Snope City with money that SHE earned, making the most beautiful dresses and selling them with Beau. Beau just easily makes one of the best characters I've ever read- his confidence was amazing, the fact that they were practically suffocating in their little old town didn't bother him much. And his assurance about his sexuality was interesting. In a community where that is look down upon as much as Haven's demon problem, he didn't think much of it and was always on the bright side, bold, courageous and not afraid to stand out. He is so cool.
And what was up with Haven's hot-and-cold behaviour towards Iain? One minute he is the best thing that has happened to her, next thing you know she thinks he's murderer! Thought I don't blame her for too much..I mean, he does give the wrong impression sometimes.

The Eternal Ones is a book with a highly original and fascinating concept. It has all the elements for a gripping story; it's a captivating, breathtaking love story that will charm readers with its passionate voice, impulsive characters, and exotic vibe.

The way Miller writes is spellbinding. I honestly lost myself in this after the first few chapters. Haven's visions offer a sharp contrast between what's in the past, and what's in the present. There's no confusion about which of the two realities is present. The author has cleverly weaved in the different aspects of Haven's previous life as Constance into her present life to create a thrilling atmosphere. But I felt there was some questions left unanswered..yay for a sequel next summer; although this would've made a fine stand-alone.

The Eternal Ones is a book that you have either a love or hate relationship with. It's quite a difficult story to get into, but there's a force that pulls you towards the love side. It was also a hard review to write considering the mixed feelings I had (that I  really cannot explain), but I got there in the end and I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks to Puffin for sending me this!

Also, Is it just me, or was The Ouroboros Society really creepy?! I wouldn't like to ever meet one of their members! Except maybe Padma..or Marta..the others (the Gray men in particular) just sound quite scary. This sinister organization played a big role in the novel and I'm looking forward to finding a bit more about them in the sequel!

^^I apologise for the poorly written review, my actual one got deleted so I had to write a whole new one which is a day too late and not the best I can do, hence the mixed feelings portrayed and the confusing explanation.s :P

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  1. so im guessing you liked it? lol im hoping to buy a copy soon, thanks for the review hun! :)


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