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REVIEW: Devil's Kiss by Sarwat Chadda

Devil's Kiss
Author: Sarwat Chadda
Pages: 288
Publisher: Puffin
Publication Date: 7th May 2009

From Amazon
Fifteen-year-old Billi SanGreal never meant to make history. Dragged at the age of ten into the modern-day Knights Templar by her father, the Grandmaster, Billi's the first girl ever to be a Templar warrior. Her life is a rigorous and brutal round of weapons' practice, demon killing and occult lore – and a lot of bruises. But then temptation is placed in Billi's path – an alternative to her isolated life. But temptation brings consequences. In this case – the tenth plague – the death of all first borns and so Billi must choose her destiny. And as she soon discovers, death isn't even the worst...

Just to let you know, I read this over a year ago, just after it came out which was before I started blogging, so I never actually got a review up! But because I was part of the blog tour for Dark Goddess (the sequel), I got a review copy (which I was SO EXCITED for) and then I realized that I can't put up a review for it if I haven't done a review for Devil's Kiss..that's why I'm here now!

Billi SanGreal is the only girl in the Knights Templar and the I have to say she's possibly the most fiesty heroine I've come across. Only fifteen years old and her life is a cycle of weapons practice - cruel, harsh weapons practice - and the killing of every demon you can think of; vampires, angels, ghosts.

The first chapter just spellbound me -  it's the day Billi has to face The Ordeal, (the final test before she can begin life in the Order of the Knight Templar). It shouldn't be too hard..all she has to do is kill a six year-old boy...the whole situation brought chills to me, the thought of even thinking about what she has to do makes me want to scream. It doesn't help that the atmosphere is so tense and haunting.

I have to be honest, some parts were a bit of a struggle, but fortunately as I started to understand more about the background of the Knights Templar, I was hooked in. The novel follows a very complex story line which makes it a bit hard to keep up with at times, but the premise is fantastically ambitious which made up for that fact.

Devil's Kiss is different from all the other paranormal stories out there, the events are intelligently structured and Chadda's writing is gripping. Especially the action scenes, which are truly something else. My favourite part had to be the last 50 pages or so. The religious themes in the book were fascinating to read about, but I enjoyed reading and learning about the Templar mythology even more. There was a sense of..what's the word? I don't know, but the Templars felt like one huge family to me. Their relationship was strong and compassionate; it just felt like the were together..fighting for what's right..together..as one (?!).

The story was fast paced, with twists and turns that shock. The elements to the novel were realistic and believable. The author's take on 'supernatural' is outstanding. I liked that story is based on real myths and legends, it makes it feel more authentic, and as a result the novel itself is dark, grim and violent.

I will end by saying that Devil's Kiss was a thrilling novel..but Dark Goddess is even BETTER! Read it!

Review for Dark Goddess coming soon!

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  1. I've enjoyed this too! Looking forward to your review of Dark Goddess. =)

  2. Agree... Dark Goddess is fantastic!


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