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REVIEW: Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy
Author: Ally Carter
Pages: 288
Publisher: Orchard Books
Publication Date: 5th August 2010

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There I was: Cammie the Chameleon—the Gallagher Girl who had risked the most sacred sisterhood in the history of espionage. For a boy. But I was through with lying. And sneaking around. I was going to be...myself.
Despite Cammie’s best intentions to be a normal student, danger seems to follow her. Cammie and her friends must clear her name by discovering the truth about some mysterious guests...but this time the stakes for Cammie’s heart – and her beloved school – are even higher.

I literally starting reading this book after posting the review for I'd Tell You I Love You on Friday (this should've gone up Saturday, but I felt to overwhelmed. All I can say is, HOW CAN I HAVE LIVED WITHOUT THE GALLAGHER GIRLS FOR 3 YEARS??! THREE YEARS PEOPLE?!!WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE OH THE WONDER THAT IS ALLY CARTER?
^^I may be overreacting. Slightly. But still.

The story begins when Cammie returns from winter break and is off for an interrogation at the top-secret CIA headquarters. The whole thing just brings back old memories of her time spent with Josh and she can't help but feel agitated throughout the interrogation.
The way back home to the academy is confusing after Cammie finds her mother is acting weird and doesn't say much when she asks her how she thinks the debriefing went. Clearly there's something bothering her but she doesn't seem to elaborate.

Back at school and Cammie is relieved to be back with her friends and in behind all the boy drama of the last semester, but she's got a feeling that something is not the same...
Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy answers the question we always wondered but never asked whilst reading I'd Tell You I Love You: if there's an Academy for Exceptional Young Women, surely there must be an equivalent Academy for Exceptional Young..Men?

The girls haven't been exposed to to boys all that much and they are shocked at how to handle the situation- while some of the girls are overjoyed at the sight of the Blackthorne boarders, Cammie and her friends and not so sure about the visit. Except then Cammie falls for cute Zach, but there's a feeling of hesitance somewhere inside her. Why are the Blackthorne boys really at Gallagher? Is there a genuine reason..or are they up to no good?

It was fun reading about the way things changed when the boys were at the scene - everyone spent much more time fixing their hair in before going to class because there were boys!! It was a cute touch and something that wouldn't have been missed it was left out, but added precision to the story.

The whole 'There's-boys-staying-at-our-school-for-girls' thing added a whole new world of obstacles for Cammie and her friends. It led to the unthinkable 'Code Blacks' and a whole lot of accusations on top of that.

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy was much less predictable than the first book, the action scene at the end was a great twist to finish off the book. This fast-paced, adventurous second installment shows the more vulnerable side to Cammie and her ability to fall for someone who is allowed to be in on her little spy secret..but is it enough?

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