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REVIEW: Ember Fury by Cathy Brett

Ember Fury
Author: Cathy Brett
Pages: 256
Publisher: Headline
Publication Date: 6th August 2009

From Amazon
Pyromania: A mental derangement, excitement or excessive enthusiasm for fire.
Having celebrity parents isn’t as hot as it sounds. Yes, there’s money to burn, fame and some totally smoking guys...But when your dad’s more interested in blazing a trail to the top of the charts than why you got kicked out of school, again, it can make you seriously angry. And if there’s one thing Ember knows, it’s that the smallest spark of anger can ignite a whole heap of trouble...

Ember Morton-Fury is the daughter of rock star Lyndon Fury and the artist Amica Morton, who died when Ember was a younger. Em has been expelled from yet another school, (the consequences of starting a major fire) and she's on her way to Los Angeles to stay with her estranged father and his new wife, actress Charity Lane, who she is not particularly fond of. But you know, who says it's a good idea staying in LA anyway? Em doesn't think so.
But then she meets cute Finn (who doesn't turn out to be all that good for her...), a summer fling is not what she bargained for, but hey, neither are the fake, cartoony girls who have taken a shine to her!

If you know me, you know that I'm not really a huge fan of graphic novels (even half-ones), but a quick glance inside this book reveals an assortment of stunning illustrations that are guaranteed to suck in you into the wonderful world of a teenager obsessed with fire. An obsession that isn't totally in her control. I really liked how the pictures blended with the text; it didn't ever feel like the it was drifting apart from the story, but added a new dimension to the characters. The stage-direction-y parts and the 'setting the scene' stuff at the beginning of chapters was very cute, I thought!

Ember was a really admirable and relatable character. Cynical, vibrant and confident, her words entertained me. The way she dealt with everything had me laughing out loud; and when things got too much to handle, best friend Ned was there to whisk her off to 1940's London.

My favourite character had to be Ned. He was funny, teasing and very cool. The scenes set in WWII were very unexpected, but that's what made this book so unique- this confusing twist. What surprised me the most was what he *really* was. Ned's part wasn't totally explained and left me puzzled. But when I finished the book, I (half) understood. (If that makes any sense at all).

Ember Fury is a great book for reluctant readers, but that doesn't mean it excludes the more self-assured readers. A very unique novel, showing off funky illustrations that enhance the authors talent, a novel that will have you hooked from the first picture. A novel I feel proud to have on my shelf :)

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